Thursday, October 01, 2009

Importing Multiple Files to a Single Workbook

press alt+F8 in excel
or Tools -> Macro -> Macros
Macro name : CombineTextFiles

then save and goto excel and insert button from form for macro
then choose CombineTextFiles
after press button you can select files to import to excel refer:

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

stuck at runonce with IE7

easily and simple direction
file:disable runonce.reg and just run it OR
file:disable runonce.bat

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

javascript to show and hide element

for html you need to define ID name of an element

<input type="button" name="clickme1" id="clickme1" value="Click me !!" onclick="JavaScript:showbutton('clickme2')"><BR>
<input type="button" name="clickme2" id="clickme2" value="Click me !!" onclick="JavaScript:showbutton('clickme1')" style="visibility:hidden">
For javascript need this code
function showbutton(idName){
 Element = document.getElementById('clickme2');
 Element.disabled=true; = "hidden";
 Element = document.getElementById('clickme1');
 Element.disabled=true; = "hidden";
 clickme1Element = document.getElementById(idName);
 clickme1Element.disabled=false; = "visible";

Friday, February 27, 2009

multiply, power function with large number

function power($a,$b){
  if($b==1)return $a;
  return multiply($a,(power($a,$b-1)));
function multiply($a,$b){
  $a = ''.$a;
  $b = ''.$b;
  $b_length = strlen($b);
  $value = '';
    $b2 = $b[$b_length-$i];
    $mul = $a*$b2+$temp;
    $temp = floor($mul/10);
    $value = ($mul%10).$value;
  $value = $temp.$value;
  return $value;
with both $a and $b is string strlen($a) == 1

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

plus function for large number

function plus($a,$b){
  $b_length = strlen($b)+1;
  $a = sprintf("%0".$b_length."s",   $a);
  $b = '0'.$b;
  $a_length = strlen($a);
  $temp =0;
    $a1 = substr($a,-1,1);
    $b1 = substr($b,-1,1);
    $a = substr($a,0,-1);
    $b = substr($b,0,-1);
    $result = ($a1+$b1+$temp)%10;
    $ans = $result.$ans;
    $temp = floor(($a1+$b1+$temp)/10);
  $ans = $b.$ans;
  return ltrim($ans,'0');
with both $a and $b if string and strlen($a) < strlen($a)